Why I Left Nigeria, Engaged In Menial Jobs In UK – Sola Sobowale Reveals

Veteran Nollywood actress, Shola Shobowale has revealed why she left her fame, Nollywood, and Nigeria years ago.

Whilst Sola was off the screen and glam, many stories surfaced over what she had allegedly become abroad, in fact, some sections of the media reported that she was beheaded for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia. The ‘Wedding Party’ star actress has since debunked the rumour in 2011 when she returned to Nigeria.

Speaking about why she left Nigeria, and the type of jobs she was engaged in, Sola Sobowale who was in tears, said she left because of her children, whilst urging other parents and potential parents to be ready to take full responsibility for their children.

She said, “I left the shores of Nigeria for a purpose, I left the shores of Nigeria for a purpose. Children are not asked to be born, the moment you decide to give birth to children, then you must be ready to take full responsibility for those children they are beautiful creatures.

‘You don’t bring them to this world to suffer nor for any other person to take care of them.

Elaborating on why she had to stay in England, the ace actress said, “

According to her, everyone who bore children must be ready to care for them adequately and not leave them for others to care for them.

In her words, I know what is called education and it is the only legacy you can give your children. I got married to an HR man, so I know the process of selection. I have therefore decided in my mind that my children will attend either UI, Unilag, or OAU, Ife. But because of incessant strike action by ASUU, I decided that my children should leave Nigeria. That was why i move my children from Nigeria to London.”

The 56-year-old actress added that taking her children to England wasn’t the primary reason she relocated, but because she need to be there for them and to guide them.

She asserted, “I took them to England, put them in school, monitoring them, but after visiting them a month later, I realized they weren’t the same kids that I took [to England], that motherly touch was no longer there. So I said, ‘to your tent oh Israel, I am here with my children, forget stardom. So that was why I left Nigeria, Highlighting the reasons, she stated, “the reason I left Nigeria was to guide my children, to make them somebody in life, to give them the legacy IO could give, and to nurture and take care of them. That was why i left.


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