Why I’ve Decided to Start Wearing Skirt – Bella Shmurda Finally Explains

When Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda hit the stage of the Big Brother Naija show, many people were excited to hear his music and see his performance. But then when the artiste actually stepped out on the stage, the conversation quickly shifted and immediately became about his outfit. Bella Shmurda was wearing a skirt on stage, and as you can imagine, that garnered a lot of opinions.

Some tweets people had about the outfit included: “Na me and Bella Shmurda know why e wear skirt for the #BBNaija show yesterday. Price of jeans for market no be small play 😫😑”, “Bella shmurda wear Skirt 😂😂 Wetin Una Dey smoke for that Lagos??”, “Bella Shmurda don go collect skirt from Ayra Star😆”, “No be skirt be that for BELLA Shmurda’s yansh?”, and many more.

Now, during a new interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the show, Rubbin’ Minds, Bella Shmurda opens up about why he has decided to start wearing skirts and his reaction to the controversy that the outfit has caused. Here is what Bella Shmurda said.

Let’s talk about your style because it’s becoming a thing now. You wore this [skirt] on stage when you performed on Big Brother. What’s happening?” Bella responded:

I think this is my own way of being unique. Every artiste has a way of being identified so I think this is a better way to identify Bella Shmurda and to promote African culture.

“It got quite controversial when you performed with it on stage. I don’t know if you saw all the messages from people on social media?”

No oh. I was sleeping, I was sleeping. Shoutout to my stylist, he made this up and I love it. I just try to infuse African vibe and to bring that Bella Shmurda identity to be clear, more clearer.

“But when you started wearing the skirt, of course you knew it was going to get people talking?”

I’ve been wearing this skirt for like 2 years, but it has been unnoticed. So when I got to Big Brother, everybody is now shouting. I was like “Ah ah, we don dey do this thing since na?” It’s cool you know? People get to recognize you someday.

“So do you do certain things like this sometimes to be controversial?”

No I don’t. I do music. Art is my own peace. I don’t do clout. When I love something, I do it for my own self. I do it for the growth. I do it for the culture. So wearing skirt on that platform was not for clout or for people to talk. It was just for expression of art, for expression of myself.


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