Wizkid Discusses How His Muslim Dad And Christian Mum Managed To Live Together

Wizkid has shared his view on living together irrespective of religious differences or beliefs.

According to the singer, his father is a Muslim, and his mother, on the other hand, is a Christian, they both lived together for a long time, and the argument of religion never came up He, however, said love was the only thing that kept his parents together for so long, and they went through thick and thin together.

Popular Nigerian Afrobeats singer Ayo Balogun, Wizkid has given his personal view on how people can live together whether they are Christians or Muslims. The singer, who said this in an interview sighted online by Legit.ng, discussed how his Muslim dad and Christian mum lived together for a long time without any argument about religion.

According to him, his dad was never against anyone’s choice of religion. On the contrary, he gave them the liberty to choose the kind of religion they wanted to believe in.

He said this helped him in life as he was made to realise that love was the most important thing, not religion.

He said: “One thing that has helped me in being who I am today is living in a house where my mum is a Christian and my dad is a Muslim and they never for once had an argument about the religion. They never argued about what the kids wanted to do; my dad would be like, do whatever you want. “If you want to go to the church, go to the church, if you want to go to the mosque go there. All I understood was that love was the only thing that kept them together for so long. That has really helped me in the way I see life, that we just need to spread more love, like that’s all, that’s it.”


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