Your money couldn’t keep your husband — Ossai mocks Nkechi Blessing, demand apology to men

Nigerian Actress Nkechi Blessing has been by Delta State Governor’s Special Assistant on Media Mr. Ossai Ovie Success mocked after she boldly claimed that with the money she has, she can comfortably buy a guy, keep him in her house, and control him.

Reacting, Delta State Governor’s Special Assistant on Media Mr. Ossai Ovie Success said with all the money the actress claims she has, she couldn’t use it to keep her own husband.

Ossai was making reference to Nkechi’s ex-lover, Opeyemi Falegan. The duo had some months ago disgraced themselves on social media. Calling each other unprintable names.

The Governor’s aide on his social media handles has asked her to apologize to men.

According to Ossai, It’s so annoying seeing Nkechi Blessing boasting that she can buy a man with her money and control him.

“You can buy s*x but can’t keep a man with your money

“Why didn’t your money keep your ex-husband?@ Nkechi Blessing

“She thinks men are cheap. I guess she doesn’t know her money can only buy cex from men but can’t keep a man.

This is the same Nkechi that couldn’t keep her ex-husband.”

“If her money can keep a man, why was she unable to keep her husband.? Why did her husband dump her.?

“I am a man , I can’t stand her insulting my gender.

“She should apologize to us.She should keep mute, humble her self so men will not used dumped her” he said.


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